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Energy Resources

Energy Resources

Conventional Crude Oil & Natural Gas Resource

INTEK provides consulting services for conventional crude oil and natural gas resources for clients world wide. We serve clients whose business needs traverse a broad spectrum. Our customized consulting and advisory services include: quantitative energy market assessment, economic analysis and modeling, project evaluations, operations performance analysis, energy management, business strategy development, market intelligence and competitor analysis.

Unconventional Resources

The world’s unconventional hydrocarbons, such as shale gas, gas hydrates, tight gas sandstones, oil shales, and tar sands, hold more fuel than undiscovered conventional energy sources. While the potential of unconventional oil and gas has long been acknowledged, a host of challenges have dampened expectations. INTEK senior consultants are experts in analyzing and identifying these challenges, and are recognized as leading experts in unconventional resources.

Conventional ResourcesUnconventional Resources                          Oil Shale
  • Conventional Oil & Gas
  • CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Marginal Wells
  • Horizonal Drilling
  • Offshore
  • Oil Shale
  • Shale Gas
  • Tar Sands
  • Coal To Liquids
  • Heavy Oils

Reservoir Engineering
Specializing in all aspects of petroleum engineering and reservoir simulation, our engineers have extensive experience with major commercial reservoir simulation software and have completed simulation studies for both conventional and unconventional resources. Experiences Include:

  • Evaluate oil and gas reservoir performance and depletion strategies
  • Perform reserve evaluations estimating reserves and recoveries
  • Develop engineering models integrating well performance
  • Conduct reservoir simulations to predict reservoir performance
  • Perform technical and economic evaluations
  • Make application for approvals of projects to regulatory agencies



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