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Helping clients assess energy  and environmental challenges and develop sustainable energy policy and technology solutions for today and the future. 

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Learn how we apply our skills in policy analysis, economics, engineering, and communications.


Learn about INTEK’s experience in oil and gas, coal, CO2 EOR, and unconventional fuels analysis.


Learn about the models and analytical tools INTEK develops and applies to serve our clients.


 INTEK's Global Shale Gas Resources Report and Database is Now Available

INTEK's report describing >17,000 Tcf of shale gas resources in 65 basins and plays in 21 countries, EUR, and development  assets and constraints is now available. Click here for News Release, Flyer and Fact Sheet.
Update: Order Form now available.

Project in Focus

U.S. Unconventional Fuels Task Force

The Strategic Unconventional Fuels Task Force is leading the way as a clearing house of accurate information for developing domestic resources.  The task force has identified domestic resources, technologies to develop the resources, and the next steps to do so. Learn how INTEK has helped them in the areas of carbon dioxide sequestration, coal to liquids technologies, the massive domestic resource of Oil Shale, and other opportunities such as tar sands, heavy oil, and CO2 EOR.

INTEK Gives Back


INTEK is proud to be a founding member of IHSAN, a non-profit oil and gas industry organization that is committed to developing water supplies for those in need around the world.

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