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Secure Fuels and Oil Shale Research Reports Updated for 2010

 INTEK has recently released updated editions of two reports that profile oil shale related activities in the United States.


SPE Distinguished Lecturer Tour

Intek President, Mr. Khosrow Biglarbigi, was a 2009/2010 Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), presenting “Unlocking Ten Trillion Barrels of Global Oil Shale Resources: The State of the Industry."  He presented in 18 chapters around the world with a tour half in the USA and half abroad. His world tour included Canada, Mexico, Fance, Italy, and more (Map).  For more information please Contact Us.


INTEK Supports the Development of Young Profesionals

During the 2009 Annaul Technical Conference and Exhibition 2009 the Society of Petroleum Engineers honored Mr. Carolus of INTEK. He was one of the ATCE Young Professionals Paper Contest winners for co-authoring "Impact of Oil Prices on Oil Shale Development in the United States".



The Amercian Chemical Society (ACS) asked INTEK to write some of the chapters for their recently released book on Oil Shale.

Study Places CO2 Capture Costs Between $34 and $61/ton. Hitesh Mohan, Khosrow Biglarbigi, Marshall Carolus. Oil and Gas Journal Oct 12 2009, p56-60

SPE's Journal of Petroleum Technology published highlights from INTEK's paper “The Potential for Additional Carbon Dioxide Flooding Projects in the United States,” presented at the 2008 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium.



SPE's Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2009. INTEK presented “The Impact of Oil Prices on Oil Shale Development in the United States.” (10/2009)

INTEK presented mutiple papers at the Colorado School of Mines 29th Oil Shale Symposium (09/2009).

  1. The current understanding of U.S. oil shale economics
  2. Advances in oil shale technologies for potential application in U.S. oil shale resources
  3. Profiling oil shale research and development in the United States

Principle Mr. Hitesh Mohan spoke at the Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Technologies Conference & Exhibition in Calgary on July 16, 2009.  The Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Technologies Conference & Exhibition provides a gathering of the world's leading executives, managers, and engineers from major and independent E&P companies.  He presented, "The Cost and Benefits of Carbon Capture and Storage" (7/2009). 

INTEK presented on Oil Shale at the 28th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference held in New Orleans, LA. (12/2008).

 To see these presentations and more please visit out Reports & Publications page.


Media Inquiries

INTEK has subject matter experts who are knowledgeable about many areas, that regularly speak with journalists and at conferences on a range of topics for general and highly technical audiences. To inquire about a topic expert, schedule an interview, receive a press release, or discuss a speaking engagement, please Contact Us.


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