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Resource Evaluation / Technology Assessment

INTEK, Inc. and its key personnel have extensive experience integrating the disciplines of economic and mineral geology with project engineering, in the extractive industries, including oil and natural gas, enhanced oil recovery, oil shale, tar sands, and coal liquids.

These efforts have provided the underpinning data for INTEK’s development of analytical and  predictive models used by the energy industry and U.S. policy makers in areas such as:

Analysis & Modeling

INTEK provides the experience and expertise to turn your data into useful knowledge to enhance your decision making processes:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Warehousing
  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Economic Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • GIS

Public Policy Analysis

INTEK evaluates complex public policy and political risk issues from a strategic perspective to help clients determine the potential impact on their business or agency. We then develop strategies that help manage those risks, as well as shape public policies that can drive business opportunities and agency goals.

Facilitation Services

INTEK’s facilitation specialist help clients, both private and public, set goals, identify problems, explore viable options and alternatives, and develop appropriate plans for action through a integrative and interactive approach. We use a variety of tools and methods for discussion, data gathering, analysis, scenario development, and evaluation of alternatives. Our services include:

  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • Conference & Meetings
  • Peer Review Facilitation
  • GSA Schedule / MOBIS 874-2 A GSA Schedule is a pre-negotiated contract you make with the General Services Agency (GSA) which permits all government agencies to purchase commercial services and products at a fixed price for a given period of time. When a vendor holds a GSA Schedule contract, it is considered a “seal of approval” by the federal government.

    The GSA Schedules program is the procurement method of choice as it significantly reduces the time and expense of acquisition for both the contractor and the federal customer. For more information on facilitation through the INTEK GSA Schedule, Contact Us or see the services brochure.

    Facilitation Services (MOBIS 874-2): Facilitation among governments and with federal agencies Identify and prioritize technical assistance and development needs  Develop strategic and project plans Allocate resources Construct evaluation protocols Plan and facilitate sector and cross-sector meetings and conferences, establish objectives and agendas Moderate sessions Manage and record session proceedings Prepare reports for dissemination conduct post-meeting briefings Facilitate experiential learning teams Training sessions and other learning activities in support of strategic plans.

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